Rascal Jascal

This blog was started in response to my youngest daughter’s request as to where I found the sources for the information I had stumbled across.

Rascal Jascal is one of the names I called my dog.

I am a “Fogeyman” in the eyes of the young.

Some of the articles have yet to be completed. I’ll start using abbreviations in some articles … such as chk reqd (check required) … maybe abbreviations for awaiting verification or yet to confirm source or identity of source.

“A blog Dad !” … “You can barely use the mobile” (this is true so save yourselves time in a fact checking exercise).

I hope to have comments opposing those views I have expressed … therefore we just might get to the bottom of a particular riddle.

Anybody who wishes that I take off the few posts that have profanities in them (there won’t be many – I promise) I’ll respect their wishes and remove them.

Enough said I can smell a whiff of something in the air.

Just to add – I’m not a Doctor or do I offer any medical advice, privately or on this site.

You will have to decide yourself whether a post has any merits. I hope it will lead you to do some research too. Best of luck.

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