Celebrated Scientists … Fallen Heroes ?


As of 2020 these scientists listed below now speak from the “no sunshine” orifice.

Really ? Fancy that – and with all their dedication and experience – who would have thought it ?.

Here it comes – roll of the drums – we’ve heard it a thousand times (from the other side of the coin) – “Why would they lie ?”.

Thank Dog (dyslexic joke) we have a new Vanguard of trusted scientists (verified of course – check out pickandchoosepedia). “The trusted” are identifiable by an appearance on national tv and radio.

John Ioannidis – https://profiles.stanford.edu/john-ioannidis

Sucharit Bhaki – https://de.linkedin.com/in/sucharit-bhakdi-997089133

Dr. Michael Yeadon – https://uk.linkedin.com/in/mike-yeadon-3818613

more to add soon – when the media tells me the latest to add to my “Fallen Heroes”.

Do I look that stupid ? Keep your answer to yourselves.

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