Polite Conversation ~ Travel Tips

direct your correspondence regarding translations to Google Translate.

I speak no languages well (yes – barely my own).

When in France: “es-tu anti-vaccination ?” … reply “êtes-vous un déni d’immunité ?

Roumania: “ești anti-vaccinare ?” … reply “ești un negator al imunității ?”

Poland: “czy jesteś przeciwnikiem szczepień” … reply “czy jesteś osobą, która zaprzecza immunitetowi”

U.S.A: “are you an anti-vaxxer ?” … reply “is that a gun ? “no I’m not anti-vax”

Note: Fogeyman spelling of Roumania. Also, the gap between word and question mark – a quirk.

My first like is from Christina … Fogeyman doesn’t know how to send thanks, yet – Thanks.

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