A Thought from Mr. Ashley

About the control group in the Pfizer trials now vaccinated.

Paul Ashley August 6, 2021

That control groups were corrupted was known and written about last fall. The excuse cited in one article I read was that the manufacturer held that it was “immoral to withold life-saving treatment”, essentially assuming what the trial was supposed to prove. In reality, they were intentionally sabotaging the trial.

That the FDA would approve the gene therapy while knowing this makes them complicit in fraud. I even wonder if, in their agreements with pharma, they allowed the manufacturers to write their own testing protocol.

A silver lining might be that those who don’t want the jab can claim, in court, that they are part of a scientifically needed, replacement control group in the total-population test that the CDC and FDA are essentially running over the next several years.

In fact, this is the only valid test out there and the courts should require the maintenance of a control group of a size comparable to the vaxxed group, whose participants must live a life comparable to the vaxxed and so cannot legally be discriminated against.

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