From New Zealotland … Sound Minds

“focus on sick people”

Time Stamps

3:12 Qualifications & Experience.
4:56 In the beginning – The Medical Superbowl & Early Treatment Initiative.
8:51 Who is at risk?
11:06 Transmission – Immunity & Variants.
12:34 What do you do if you think you have Covid? & Natural Immunity.
16:13 Antibody Treatments & preventative Anti Infectant treatments.
21:06 Home Treatments – Early onset drug treatments – (Nutraceuticals – Intracellular Anti infectants – Anti inflammatories – Blood thinners).
28:21 National Response – Do Lockdowns work? The Four Pillars of response.
36:04 Herd Immunity & Masking.
37:22 The Vaccine Strategy – Novel Gene transfer therapy & the Spike Protein – Absolute Risk Reduction and Efficacy.
45:40 Vaccine Adverse effects – Safety monitoring & Hesitancy.
52:47 NZ Safety Monitoring – Reporting Logistics – First do no harm.
58:58 Vaccine Risks in Children – Using Children as Community Shields.
1:05:00 Vaccines and DNA – Reverse Transcription & Shedding.
1:08:22 Efficacy & Boosters, Dosage & Vaccine failures, Vaccinated as Superspreaders.
1:18:27 Antibody Dependent Enhanc
ement (ADE), Vaccine approval & Marketing.
1:27:25 How does this end?
1:30:24 What would you say to our NZ Doctors?
1:37:56 What would you advise our NZ Government?

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