An Actor’s View

John Bowe – English actor

Ok. A thread. Think we need to simplify some stuff. I’m not a virologist, a microbiologist, an immunologist or a scientist. But I speak to them, message them, follow them, read them and research them.

As far as I’m concerned Ivermectin is a proven fantastic prophylactic against Covid 19 and has the ability to recover patients in the grip of Covid 19. There are others but ivm is my cause.

Most of the public hasn’t heard of it because of the control exerted over MSM. The vaccines are available because of EUA, Emergency Use Authorisation. This is only granted on the understanding that there is no other available treatment for the disease.

The big Pharmaceutical companies have massive financial interests in almost all of the important regulatory bodies around the world. Consequently it is in those organisations’ vested interests to grant usage for their masters’ products.

And governments kowtow (I use that phrase deliberately). So media is controlled and no one is allowed to mention Ivermectin. If a news outlet mentions or advocates Ivm or anything else in preference to the ‘vaccines’ they are in contravention of the Trusted News Initiative.

If you wish to take the jab that’s fine by me and I wish you well. BUT you should know that on average vaccines take 5 years to test and trial. You should know that on average if a vaccine trial incurs 50 deaths the vaccine is pulled. End of.

We don’t know the TRUTH about the casualties caused by these vaccines. VAERs in the US and Yellow Card here show thousands of deaths. The commonly held informed belief is that these figures are only 1-10% of the TRUTH. Court cases are proceeding.

These injections are making the Pharmaceutical companies billions upon billions and they have contracts with all countries that exempt them from any liability. Think about that. And then know that Ivm is 2 cents a tablet. Think about that.

Most of our people don’t know this stuff. That makes me angry. They have a right to know. I believe they would be outraged if they knew. And rightly so. Whether all this is rooted in conspiracy or incompetence I will leave you to judge.

I just want people to know the TRUTH. I just want to save lives. I just want to help. I just want leaders and MPs we can trust. Most are very disappointing. I just want to inform you before you give or withhold your consent. JB.

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