“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

Coronavirus vaccine adverse reactions … Research and Analysis … can be found at GOV.UK website… https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions As I type early morning 28th April 2021 … deaths recorded from Pfizer mRNA vaccine – 334, from AstraZeneca vaccine – 627, Moderna vaccine – 0, and unspecified vaccine brand – 12 … (Data lock date 14 April 2021).Continue reading ““Just the Facts, Ma’am””

Ivor Meck’s Tin

Ivermectin – origin Satoshi Omura – a Japanese microbiologist and bi-organic chemist at Tokyo’s Kitasato Institute searches for medicinally promising compounds from soil samples. An agreement was made between the Institute and the pharmaceutical company Merck in that the most promising samples be sent to Merck’s Research Laboratory in Rahway, New Jersey U.S.A. At MerckContinue reading “Ivor Meck’s Tin”

WordPress.org … Quagmire!

Well it’s been one week since hatching and progress has been made – tiny steps for The Ludd chick aka Fogeyman. My first named visitor made an appearance, Christina – U.S.A. and Ecuador had a peep. I know little about Ecuador (ignorance of course) – now’s the time to start my education – It’s capitalContinue reading “WordPress.org … Quagmire!”