Check Required … The Elderly

Twitter account suspended How does this relate to "Covid deaths" in the elderly?-28,186 people euthanised in care homes and hospitals. -38,000 doses of midazolam and morphine administered in 2 months as opposed to 15,000 in the previous 14. — Robin Monotti Graziadei 🌸 (@robinmonotti3) May 4, 2021 Can anyone out there confirm the timeContinue reading “Check Required … The Elderly”

Celebrated Scientists … Fallen Heroes ?

Imperfectus As of 2020 these scientists listed below now speak from the “no sunshine” orifice. Really ? Fancy that – and with all their dedication and experience – who would have thought it ?. Here it comes – roll of the drums – we’ve heard it a thousand times (from the other side of theContinue reading “Celebrated Scientists … Fallen Heroes ?”