Is the Curve Flat ?

Acclaimed Journalist@Jonathan_Witt When we went into lockdown more than 600 days ago it was to ‘flatten the curve’ and prepare the healthcare system. Almost 2 years later, is the curve flat and are the hospitals ready? Asking for a friend. Mark Changizi Turns out you can cry “Wolf!” over and over and over again. SaraContinue reading “Is the Curve Flat ?”

Study Results Soon

After discussions with various healthcare professionals and whistleblowers I am delighted to announce that I shall be releasing results of analyses undertaken since June. The volume of work stands at 12 reports, 68,559 words, 119 figures and 96 tables and is based on (anonymous) electronic patient records of 101,661 deceased persons and 897,842 emergency departmentContinue reading “Study Results Soon”

Look Elsewhere for Important Clues

from John Dees Almanac Tip Of The Day After spending some serious hours undertaking multinomial regression modelling of 161k emergency department admissions with a raft of covariates to account for confounding factors like age, general health, pandemic phase, bed availability etc I have come to the conclusion that if you really want to see whatContinue reading “Look Elsewhere for Important Clues”