Hopkins … Those were the Days

https://www.hsdl.org/c/technologies-to-address-global-catastrophic-biological-risks/ Click on the report link titled “Technologies to Address Global Catastrophic Biological Risks”. Here you’ll find future suggested methods of treatments “Microarray Patches for Vaccine Administration (MAP)” … “Self-Spreading Vaccines” … “Ingestible Bacteria for Vaccination” … “Self-Amplifying mRNA Vaccines (SAM)”.

Polite Conversation ~ Travel Tips

direct your correspondence regarding translations to Google Translate. I speak no languages well (yes – barely my own). When in France: “es-tu anti-vaccination ?” … reply “êtes-vous un déni d’immunité ? Roumania: “ești anti-vaccinare ?” … reply “ești un negator al imunității ?” Poland: “czy jesteś przeciwnikiem szczepień” … reply “czy jesteś osobą, która zaprzeczaContinue reading “Polite Conversation ~ Travel Tips”