A Record of Misinformation

Mark Changizi This is misinformation twitter, but DO NOT censor it! First because of free expression, and, second, because we want a record of the misinformation. (See how that works?) President Biden To parents and guardians of children ages 5 and older: please get them vaccinated. Children make up almost one quarter of cases inContinue reading “A Record of Misinformation”

Suspended … a.k.a. Silenced

Dr. Dillon John O’Looney – funeral director Juan Chamie – Ivermectin information Louisa Clary BIRDGroupUK Patrick Henningsen – journalist and broadcaster Ivermectin Day – twitter Dr. Ah Kahn Syed … twitter Bernadette Spofforth – twitter … reinstated Doctors for Covid Ethics Darren of Plymouth … twitter Steve Kirsch – entrepreneur … twitter

Partisan Ideology … Exclusions

Mark Dolan … GB News presenter The account of this highly respected academic has been closed, simply for sharing peer-reviewed data. This is what we’re up against folks. Full-scale censorship of those pointing out the clear failure of lockdowns & other measures to ‘stop’ the virus. https://rumble.com/vntbm1-my-reply-to-twitters-suspension-of-my-account.html